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Welcome to the registration page for the UK Pinball Open.

You can now complete your registration with payment of the £30 registration fee. This gives you entry to the UK Pinball Open and the UK Pinball Classics tournaments, as well as access to Special When Lit for recreational play on Sunday.

To pay the registration fee for a player, fill in their name and hit the Add to Cart button.

To see and edit players you may already have added, hit the View Cart button.

Please ensure you supply the player's FULL NAME to avoid any confusion and to ensure they are correctly recorded in the final results along with their earned WPPR points.

All payments will be handled by PayPal and it is their system we will use to contact you in the event of any questions, so please make sure your PayPal contact e-mail details are up-to-date.

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Registration is limited.  If all places have been been taken while you are filling in this form, we will advise you and offer to either put you on the waiting list or cancel your registration and refund your registration fee, whichever you prefer.

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